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Catit Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain Catit Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain


This is a very affordable mains powered re-circulating system that provides fresh filtered water. It helps encourage your pet to drink water for proper kidney function and avoid crystal formation that commonly leads to urinary disease. Holds 3 litres of water

Good Points
The carbon filter is easy and inexpensive to buy and replace. It absorbs water impurities and collects debris, hair and food. I have 3 cats and live in a hard water area and only replace it once a month (but rinse out weekly). Although it says 3 weeks max, 4 weeks is fine for us. The old version was quiet – this one is almost silent.

Bad Points
I found that continually removing the cord from the adapter plug resulted in the contacts ceasing to, well make contact, although the pump and the plug were both technically ok. When I need to unplug now I just take the plug from the wall, it’s not problem and extends the functionality a lot.

This new redesigned model also prevents accidental leakage by overfilling and is easier to replace the pump should you need to. It is a good idea to have a spare pump on standby just in case; these are very inexpensive to buy.


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