Australian Mist Cat Society


Membership subs can now be paid via PayPal.
When paying via PayPal, please add an additional 50p to your total to cover the extra costs involved.
Please use and also send an email to the same address to let Susie know who you are and what level of membership you've paid for.
New members please remember to also download and complete the membership application form. If you have the facilities feel free to scan your completed form and email it, if not post it.

A membership application form is available to download HERE

AMCS Data Protection Statement

The committee members nomination form can be downloaded HERE
Please return completed forms to the Hon. secretary, Karen LayFlurrie:

Contact details:
Chairman/ PR Officer - Tricia Bristow

Hon. Treasurer/Membership Sec - Susie Nicholls

Hon. secretary/Newsletter Editor- Karen LayFlurrie

Website Manager - Chris Quy