Australian Mist Cat Society


The Australian Mist Cat Society and Australian Mist Cat Association are Provisional Members of the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF).  As such all members of the clubs agree to:

Abide by the rules and regulations of the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy and any subsequent amendments.  Members are bound by the rules and disciplinary powers of the GCCF in accordance with the Constitution of the Council.

The AMCS and AMCA are working together with the GCCF to ensure that a responsible Breeding Programme and Registration Policy is set out for the breed.  The GCCF require that all new breeds, and eventually all breeds, must have provision for an outcross policy within their Registration Policy, with this in mind the clubs worked extremely hard to produce a policy that was acceptable to the GCCF but maintained the integrity of the breed by only allowing the original 3 breeds of cat used to produce Australian Mists – Burmese, Abyssinian and Domestic Shorthairs. 

  Widening the gene-pool is essential to maintain the genetic diversity of the breed, in fact any breed, as this prevents inbreeding and maintains the health and vigour of the breed.

Any cats used for outcrossing must be DNA tested in accordance with the current Australian Mist GCCF Policies, to ensure that they are not passing on any deleterious genes.  The benefits of outcrossing are widely known and it is incumbent on responsible breeders to ensure that they are breeding from cats that are not inbred.

Cats that are produced from an outcrossing programme by members of these two clubs will be registered by the GCCF, will come with a pedigree (showing at least 4 generations) and will be correctly described when being advertised.  It should be noted that ideally breeders that outcross should be experienced breeders with good knowledge of outcrossing in other breeds, they understand and recognise the importance of widening genetic diversity.

Outcrossing should not to be undertaken lightly and we advise plenty of research and discussion take place before embarking on such a journey.  Both clubs, as well as members of the GCCF Genetics Committee, are more than happy to offer help and advice and experienced club members are willing to ‘mentor’ new owners and breeders.  Taking on a new breed can be very daunting.  We have cats that have been imported from Australia by our members, as well as  breeders who haven’t imported, but we appreciate not everyone has the financial ability to import, this does not make them any less a good breeder.  We believe that sincere breeders work together for the overall benefit of the breed.  Our joint philosophy is that every breeder has a valuable contribution to make in developing and growing the breed here in the UK.  This does not depend on their ability to import cats from Australia, we also appreciate the generosity of breeders that have imported and shared the breed with others.

The AMCS and the AMCA do not have a membership policy that insists that ALL breeders must neuter their pet kittens prior to being homed, although several members do early neuter.  We believe in the individuals’ right to determine for themselves what is best for their own kittens.  We do not set prices that breeders should charge for kittens sold as pets or as breeding cats; this once again is determined by the breeder.  What we do stand for is honesty, fairness and the combined agreement to develop the Australian Mist here in the UK under the auspices of the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy.

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