Australian Mist Cat Society

Data Protection Statement

Why is this important? 

Organisations that handle and store information about other people (“Personal Data”) have a legal obligation to ensure that reasonable steps are taken to ensure that the information is protected from unauthorised access and theft.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

General Data Protection Regulation of 2018 affects all organisations that collect and use personal data about individuals. Compliance with GDPR gives a number of rights to the people whose data we hold and AMCS is legally required to comply to ensure these rights are met.

What does this mean for AMCS?

  • AMCS Members may not use or keep or disclose any information about the organisation’s Members for any other purpose than is relevant and appropriate to AMCS business and for which the person gave their consent.
  • People will be made aware that by giving AMCS their details (such as email/phone/address etc.), they are giving us permission to contact them to keep them informed about AMCS work and activities. This means primarily for membership management, but may also include such things as fundraising.
  • AMCS will not sell or otherwise share personal data with anyone else.
  • Members should be aware that they can opt out of some or all communication from us at any time
  • If a reasonable need to pass on any personal information arises, it will not be shared or otherwise disclosed unless the person in question gives their specific consent for this specific occasion
  • Members also have the right to access their own information or that of their dependants, to have it corrected or deleted. If a Member requests access to the information we hold about them, AMCS will try to respond within 28 days. Any such personal information requests can be made, preferably by email to the Chairman
  • Only information essential to the AMCS’s work will be stored. This means no payment details will be retained
  • A Member can opt out of AMCS communications at any time by contacting the Membership  Secretary in writing
  • Personal details will be deleted when Membership ceases