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The Australian Mist Cat Society is a club catering for everyone who is interested in Australian Mists, whether as a breeder, exhibitor, pet owner, or indeed anyone who would like to learn more about this wonderful breed.

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We are a group of people passionate about the Australian Mist cat. The origins and history of this lovely breed can be found on our 'Mists' page but briefly, it is a cat that was developed over about thirty five years by Dr. Truda Straede in Australia. She has used Burmese, Abyssinian and Australian domestic tabby cats to perfect a breed that is known for its superb temperament and one that is happy to be an indoor cat. It comes in six beautiful misted colours - warm brown, chocolate, lilac, peach, gold and blue - and in two patterns, spotted and marbled.
The first Mists were brought into the UK from Australia in March 2007 and in September 2009 achieved name recognition by the GCCF, which enabled us to put the breed on exhibition at GCCF shows. In October 2011 we achieved Preliminary status with GCCF and can now show our cats and compete for Merits. We need 15 cats to gain 4 Merits in order to progress to the next rung of the ladder.
Australian Mists

There are two other registries for cats (unlike dogs that can only be registered with the Kennel Club) - The International Cat Alliance (TICA) and Felis Britannica (FB)
We currently compete with other unrecognised breeds at FB shows, and can now compete for merits at TICA shows. We try to attend as many shows as we can to allow as many people as possible to meet out lovely cats.

If you want to find out if any Mists will be attending a show you are visiting, please contact one of the committee and they may be able to tell you.

We want to make this club as friendly and informative as possible, so please feel free to contact us. We welcome new members (an application form can be found on our Members page) and if you would be interested in helping out in any way, please contact us. We would welcome help with fund raising, manning our Society tables at cat shows, providing items for raffles, contributing to our Newsletter and other literature, and generally raising the profile of our lovely Australian Mist Cats.

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